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Date: 6th – 8th of September 2017
Venue: University of Kent, Canterbury (United Kingdom)

Adrian Podoleanu, University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom
Ole Bang, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

This 3 day conference will be dedicated to recent advances in measurement and imaging conditioned by progress in enlarging the spectrum of the optical source. The larger the bandwidth of the broadband optical source used in spectrometer based OCT, and of the tuning bandwidth of swept lasers used in swept source OCT, the better the axial resolution. However, an increase in the source bandwidth brings with it other problems that the research community have tried to address in the last decade. The conference is dedicated to discussing these problems along several avenues, such as:

  • Optical configurations, fibre based or full field in the OCT practice
  • Multimodalities in biomedical optics, compatible with OCT
  • Clinical results using OCT technology, irrespective of the bandwidth of the source used
  • High axial resolution OCT in imaging the eye, including adaptive optics
  • High axial resolution OCT in medical imaging including no dye angiography
  • Supercontinuum sources
  • Large tuning bandwidth swept lasers
  • Noise due to the increase in bandwidth of supercontinuum and of tuning lasers
  • Design of spectrometers and digitisers to cope with the increase in the number of spectral pixels
  • Polarisation effects in broadband OCT
  • Non-destructive testing with high-resolution OCT systems
  • Metrology measurements conditioned by high-resolution low-coherence interferometry and spectral (Fourier) domain interferometry
  • Opto-acoustics
  • Time stretched broadband imaging
  • Numerical post-processing for broadband OCT systems, to perform dispersion compensation and numerical re-focusing

The conference will coincide with the 3rd network event of the Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate School involving University of Kent and NKTPhotonics. The attendance of Early Stage Researchers is especially welcomed.

Please visit regularly 2ccoct.aogkent.uk. More information will be available soon!

For other questions please email Prof. Adrian Podoleanu